Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or Beto ORourke for President

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    The next Presidential election is 700 days away and everyone is trying to figure out who the Democrats will run. According to a new HarvardHarris poll, the top choices among Democrat and Independent voters are Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Beto ORourke. Theres a lot to take in and a lot at stake, so we checked in with political analyst and blogger Mort Haskell Fred Willard in Washington DC. In other news, according to the Department of Agriculture, consumption of canned tuna over the last three decades is down more than 40. Fewer people are eating tuna out of cans than ever before and the tuna companies are blaming Millennials. We wanted to get to the bottom of this, so we got in touch with the President of the American Tuna Association, Gary Davis also Fred Willard.
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