The Number ONE Secret To Speaking English More Easily

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    What is the number one secret to speaking English more easily Thats what I am going to show you in this video I have students from all over the world who often ask me this question. Priscila, what should I do to speak English more easily Is there a simple way to do it WHat the secret to speaking English more easily Every day, millions of people from all over the world give up English. Why do you think that happens In my view, this is due to the fact that these people are setting unrealistic goals. I have come across many people who are never happy with their results. Good is never good enough. They are Always focused on the future and ignore the amazing results they are getting now. I am not saying you should not improve or want to be better. However, the ugly truth is that our mindset is not aligned. Our expectations dont meet the reality we are current in and because of that, many English learners get frustrated. They want their English to be awesome, but they ignore how awesome their English ALREADY is. I have a personal experience to share with you. But you gotta watch this video till the end
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