Building Last VW Beetle in Mexico 2003

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    In March 2003 the end of the Vocho production was announced, due to the gradual and continuous decline in demand for this model, which began with the introduction of the Chevy Pop Opel Corsa B in Mexico produced by General Motors in 1997. The Chevy Pop replaced the Volkswagen Beetle in its first place on sales in Mexico by offering modernity at a price just a little higher than the Vocho. However, the Volkswagen Beetle kept being the Mexican taxi driver favorite, until, in 2002, a decree emerged under the mandate of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, then Mexico Citys governor. This decree prohibited the granting of permits for public transportation in the form of taxis in Mexico City to twodoor cars, restricting even more the marketing of the Vocho in favor of the Nissan Tsuru third generation Nissan Sentra, which now became the new favorite of taxi drivers in Mexico, so that sales of the Vocho fell even further.
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